Saturday, February 28, 2009

What to do if you're sick?

The following are the things that you need to do if you're sick:

1. Always think positive
2. Forget about your illness. Don't forget to always wear a smile in your face.
3. Tell yourself that you're already healed.
4. Watch movies that will make you laugh.
5. Sleep 8 hours a day
6. Always think of the things that you want
7. Pray and thank God for you already received what you asked for.

- Millionaire Mind Ben de Leon

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Basketball at Casa, San Pablo (3 of 3)

We organized a basketball tournament at Casa San Pablo. We were able to form 6 teams. The game in the video below is the final game.

If you want to say something about the video, don't hesitate to leave your comments. Thanks for visiting this page. :)

- Millionaire Mind Ben de Leon

Casa San Pablo Pictures

My friends and I went to Casa San Pablo, Laguna, Philippines last February 21, 2009. I took the following pictures:

After viewing the pictures above, you might plan your vacation at Casa San Pablo, Laguna, Philippines.

If you want to say something about the pictures at Casa San Pablo, don't hesitate to leave your comments.

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- Millionaire Mind Ben de Leon

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

HOWTO: Verify Paypal Philippines using Union Bank's EON Card

If you're looking for ways on how to verify your paypal account using Union Bank's EON Card, then this page is best suited for you. Make sure that your account type in Paypal is Premium. I'll share you my experience on how to verify paypal account using Union Bank. I assume that you reside in the Philippines.

Here are my suggested steps:

1. Go to the nearest Union Bank in your place. Be sure that you know your SSS number and Tax Identification Number(TIN) because they are needed when you fill up the EON application form. After 4 weeks, go back to the bank to claim your EON card. Make sure to bring 350 pesos for card's annual fee.

When I entered the bank, I approached the beautiful lady, one of the Bank's employees. I don't know if she's assigned to New Accounts. I told her that I'd like to apply for EON Visa card. She gave me an application form. I filled it up but I forgot to fill up the SSS field and TIN field. She noticed it and told me that SSS and TIN are required fields.

2. After 1 month, claim your EON Visa Card. Here are the requirements to claim your EON Visa card:

a.) You'll be paying 350 pesos for the annual fee.
b.) Photocopy of two valid IDs.
You could also deposit 500 pesos to your EON Visa Card. You can pay the annual fee and deposit 500 pesos at the same time. Your account number appears at the bottom of the EON Card (below your name in the card).

Your EON Card PIN will be given to you. Make sure that it's readable. If not readable, request for replacement.

3. After 2 to 3 days, go to any UnionBank ATM. Check if your 500 pesos that you deposited will appear if you inquire for your balance. When you inquire for balance, choose Savings Account. You might also want to change your PIN. Just follow the instruction in the ATM machine on how to change PIN.

4. If your 500 pesos appeared in your ATM when you inquired for Balance, you could now register/enroll for EON CyberAccount Online Banking. Find the EON CyberAccount Online Banking in UNION Bank's main page. Google the website of Union Bank by using 'Union Bank Philippines' as your keyword in

During registration, you will be asked to provide your preferred User ID. Don't forget your preferred User ID for you will use it to login and access your EON CyberAccount.

5. After 2-3 days of registration to EON CyberAccount Online Banking, try to login in EON CyberAccount Online Banking web page. Note that the first time you login to EON CyberAccount Online Banking, you will be asked to Agree to their Policies. If you agreed to their policies, you will be directed to your EON CyberAccount main page where you could see your balance.If you could see your 500 pesos in your balance, then everything is alright.

6. Now that you can already login via EON CyberAccount, it's time to login to your Paypal account. If you successfully logged in to your paypal account, you could link your EON Visa Card to your Paypal account. There's a To Do list in the right side of your Paypal Balance. Just click the link in your To Do list and you will be guided by paypal until you successfully linked your EON Visa Card to your Paypal account.

After filling up the form to link your EON Visa Card to your Paypal account,you should see this page asking you to link and confirm your EON card:

7. If you already completed step 6, you should now login to your EON CyberAccount Online Banking. Your balance this time must be lesser than 500 since paypal charged you 1.95$. As of this writing, 1$ is equivalent to 48.something Philippine Peso. View your EON Account Transaction History. You should see a page like this in your Transaction History:

Your 4 DIGIT CODE that will be used to confirm your EON card with Paypal appears in the red box from the picture above.

8. Login to your Paypal Account. In your To Do list, click the link to confirm your EON card. Enter your 4 DIGIT CODE. After entering your right 4 DIGIT CODE, you will be a verified Paypal user. You could now use Paypal to transfer your money from Paypal to your EON Card. Congratulations!!!

- Millionaire Mind Ben de Leon

What is PayPal?

PayPal is the easier way to pay and get paid online. I already have my paypal account. It allows anyone to pay in any way they prefer, including through credit cards, bank accounts, buyer credit or account balances, without sharing financial information. I use Union Bank's EON card here.

To learn more about Paypal, go to their official website. To find their official website, google it using 'Paypal' as your keyword.

- Millionaire Mind Ben de Leon

What is Alert Pay?

AlertPay is a service that provides individuals and businesses the ability to send and receive payments online without exposing their personal or financial information.

This is an alternative to Paypal. Type 'AlertPay' in Google search to find Alert Pay's official website.

- Millionaire Mind Ben de Leon

Saturday, February 14, 2009

The Great Painting

This is the great painting. I took this picture from my friend's house. This is one of the masterpieces of my friend. As I entered their simple and cute house last Saturday (Feb 14, 2009), I noticed this painting posted in their wall.

Would you like to comment on my friend's painting above? Feel free to leave a comment.

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- Millionaire Mind Ben de Leon


If you're looking for Oracle SQL's default date format, this is the right page for you.

Oracle SQL's Default Date Format is 'DD-MON-YY'.

In SQL*Plus prompt, type this command:

SQL> SELECT sysdate FROM dual;

The above query will return the system date. Its format is 'DD-MON-YY' which is the default date format of Oracle.

Thanks for visiting my blog.

- Millionaire Mind Ben de Leon

Friday, February 13, 2009

Definite Goal

Do you have a very definite goal in your life?

Definite goal is very important. In terms of money, you should set a definite goal. For example, you might want to say 'I want to have $100,000 on or before December 31, 2009'. That's an example of definite goal. You are very definite to the amount and you set a deadline when to achieve that definite goal. Everyday, think of that definite goal. You'll be amazed because plans will start to come out in your mind as you always think of that definite goal.

So, what are you waiting for? Start to set your definite goal and set your deadline. After setting your definite goal with deadline, start thinking of it everyday. You might want to write it in a piece of paper and paste it in your wall where you can see it everyday. I suggest place it on the left, right, bottom, or above the mirror so you can see it everyday. Every time you see your definite goal, you have to be thankful and believe that you already received. After that, say 'thank you' and feel good.

That's one of the secrets of the people who became millionaire. I believe, you have a millionaire mind. You have to develop it by doing my suggestions above. Thank you for visiting my blog. I hope this would help you to become one of the millionaires.

- Millionaire Mind Ben de Leon

Thursday, February 12, 2009

How to run SQL script in Oracle SQL*Plus?

You might be seeking answers on this question: How to run a SQL script in Oracle SQL*Plus? You're very lucky for I know the answer to that question.

Let's create a new sql script file and name it runthis.sql. Let's assume that the following lines are the content of your runthis.sql file:

INSERT INTO phonebook(phone_id, phone_number,phone_name) VALUES(2,'09114563782','Ben');
INSERT INTO phonebook(phone_id, phone_number,phone_name) VALUES(3,'09114563783','Ken');
INSERT INTO phonebook(phone_id, phone_number,phone_name) VALUES(4,'09114563784','Len');

Save runthis.sql to C:\yoursqlfolder

Now, to run your sql file in Oracle SQL*Plus, just type the command below in SQL> prompt.


That's it. It's very simple to run sql script in Oracle SQL*Plus.

- Millionaire Mind Ben de Leon

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Burning Desire

I have a burning desire to become a millionaire. It's already 1AM February 12, 2009. My definite goal is to be a millionaire before year 2009 ends. I feel that I can achieve this goal.

Before I sleep, I always look at the picture of the thing that I want (i.e. house and lot, big building for office rent, my brand new car). I know that I am dreaming but the feeling of a millionaire is what I feel right now. I believe that most of the millionaire know how I feel today.

Many people say that my dream is so big. They don't know that rich people think big and that's what I am doing. Rich people always focus on the things that they want. Poor people focus on the things that they don't want. Law of Attraction always works. If you focus on good things, you'll get more good things into your life. If you focus on the things that you don't want, you'll attract more of it. Whew...

You should always feel good. That's the secret of the millionaires. :)

- Millionaire Mind Ben de Leon

Monday, February 9, 2009

Say Thank You Everyday

Saying thank you everyday will help you to have a very nice day because you're attracting good things to you. Every morning, think of the things that you already have and say thank you. Every night before you sleep, say thank you for everything.

Always focus on the things that you really want. If you see your dream car, say thank you for you can afford it and you can buy it.

- Millionaire Mind Ben de Leon

Saturday, February 7, 2009

The Great Secret

Can you answer this? What are the secrets of the rich people?

If you don't know their secrets, I'll reveal here. Please review the following secrets of riches.

1. The way rich people think
Rich people think big. They have definite goal. They have burning desires to reach their goal.

2. Emotions of rich people
In terms of emotion, rich people always feel good. They avoid the emotion of hatred, jealousy, and other negative emotions. They love everyone. They always see the good in a person.

- Millionaire Mind Ben de Leon


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